Panoramic Chin Hills

Panoramic Chin Hills

Scale the summit of Mt. Victoria, enjoy the amazing views over the valley and surrounding mountains. Trekking to the summit is enduring, but timeless and true wilderness experience. Hang around amidst the exotic tribal with elaborate religious practices, folk dances, local music enhances the magic and uniqueness. Experience the authenticity of life style of colorful Chin tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their face and attractive amber necklaces.

Draft Itinerary

Day 01:Set off for Mindat, on the eastern edge of the Mt. Victoria National Park. Once we get in to the Chin country weather gradually become cool and pleasant. It’s a great escape of the heat and dust of the plain during summer.

Day 02:Explore Mindat, travel down by jeep to trek head and trek to Lot Pe then to Kyardo. Observe sacrificial wooden poles and stone tombs.

Day 03:Trek through smaller villages, get onto road head and drive through the pristine forested roads to the base. Trek to the summit pass through virgin forest. Enjoy fantastic view of the entire plain from the summit.

Day 04:Explore Kanpetlet, observe Chin tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their faces. Each ethnic group has their own pattern which distinguishes them from one another.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 01 : Bagan – Mindat

Meet and greed in Bagan and travel towards Chin Hills via towns like Pakokku, Pauk and Kyauk Htu. We pass Pontaung Ponnyar, which is famous among archaeologist as recent discover by the joint International team the fossilized remains found from Pontaung formation about 34 to 50 million years. Once we get on to the ridge we feel and appreciate the pleasant. At first we pass through tropical low land scarf forest and eventually alpine altitude of Mindat at 4860 ft above sea. Mindat is the administrative town for southern Chin State.

Distance cover: 169 km, Duration of drive: 6 hour (approx.).
Meal inclusion – Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation – Hotel/Resort

Day 02 : Mindat - Kyardo (Elevation: min: 1090m – max: 1516m)

Breakfast and we visit Mindat market and explore some of the cultural sites such as a small museum, Makaan tribe ladies wearing amber beads and traditional costumes, Chin tribal lady playing flute with her nose etc. After an early lunch we transfer to road head and start trek to Loat Pe where we observe holy wooden poles and stone tombs. Further trek to Kyardo, lied on the hill side of the valley.

Distance cover (trek): km, Duration of trek: 3 hour (approx.)
Meal inclusion – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation – Village House

Day 03 : Kyardo – Road Head – Mt. Victoria base – Kanpetlet (Elevation: min: 1090m – max: 3070m)

Breakfast and we retrace to the creek bed and from here a steep path which often goes ups and downs through the valley passing through Shame and Warm and Ain Hmuon. After a steep hike through heavily forested trail then we are on to road head, from where we travel by minivan through the pristine forested roads to 12th mile base. We start trek to the summit pass through virgin forest. Journey to the summit is more impressive than the broad summit itself. Once we step off the road to start the trek, we are in true wilderness as you encounter beautiful scenery with colorful Rhododendron, orchid and several species of birds. From the summit we enjoy the fantastic view of the entire plain. We spend some time at summit and head down to the 10th mile base, where we meet our minivan and drive to Kanpetlet.

Distance cover (trek): 21 km, Duration of trek: 6-8 hour (approx.)
Meal inclusion – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
Accommodation – Lodge / Hotel

Day 04 : Kanpetlet – Bagan

Breakfast and we explore part of Kanpetlet, we visit some of the villages around town to meet with Ra, Muun, Daai and Yin Do tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their faces. Each ethnic group has their own pattern which distinguishes them from one another. Later we set off for Bagan to conclude this unique experience.

Distance cover: 169 km, Duration of drive: 6 hour (approx.)
Meal inclusion – Breakfast and Lunch
Accommodation – Not included

Book Condition

How to Book:

Complete the booking form click “submit” button to make your reservation. Alternately you may book through email [email protected] .

Deposit and payment:

A deposit of 30% of your trip cost per person is require to secure your booking. The balance will need to be settled 7 day before commence of trek. Bookings made within 7 days must be paid in full at the time of booking.


Prices quoted are net basis and valid according to the date specified on the printed tariffs, quotation, invoice etc. Myanmar Hill lodges (Myanmar Highland Eco-adventures) warrants that the prices or rates quoted are correct at the time of issuance but are subject to change in line with market, tax or currency fluctuation.

Cancellations and refunds:

All cancellations must be advised in writing and are accepted from the date the written confirmation is received and applied cancellation as below.
15 days before trip date: you will lose your deposit
7 days and less before the trip date: 50% of the total cost per person
If reservations are cancelled (or) no-show: no refunds will be made

Amendments of trek:

If the change is minor we will endeavor to make the change at no further cost to you. If the change requires more work than we impose you an appropriate charge ask you to pay the charge before we action the change. Please note we may not be able to accommodate your request during “high occupation period”. In such case we will not be responsible for any lost or additional costs incurred. Should trip be cancelled after deposit cancellation fee applies.


There is no limitation on the group size on this program, however Myanmar Hill Lodges (Myanmar Highland Eco-adventures) reserves the right to combine in order to form a decent group on same departure.

Un-used service:

No refunds will be considered any unused service after commencement of the tour, trek or expeditions regardless of the reason whatsoever.



Your day pack should be a medium volume which can hold your personal belonging such as medication, camera, extra clothes, water etc.


Should be lightweight, dry quickly, and provide insulation even when wet. Lightweight long sleeved shirt is useful as sunscreen and leeches protection while trekking. A raincoat and pants are ideal as they will keep you warm and dry in a variety of situations.

Foot ware:

Lightweight hiking boots or good quality running shoes will be ideal for the lowland trek. It is essential your walking boots be comfortable and broken-in.

Personal items:

Such as flashlight or headlamp with spare batteries, water bottle and lighter, a pocketknife, reading and writing material and personal first aid kit would also be essential for your convenience.

Protection from weather:

A pair of sun glass and hat is essential for your protection from sun. You will also need some sun screen to protect against sunburn.

Protection against insect bite:

It’s important to keep insect repellent to keep the insects away.


What are the overnight facilities in Kanpetlet and Mindat?

Proper accommodation does exist both in Kanpetlet and Mindat. Room comes with en-suite private bath with running hot and cold shower. Breakfast will be served at most resorts and hotels.

What are the overnight facilities during the trek?

This program involves local home stay, village guest houses or monasteries in villages. Overnight facilities are established at the village with basic western toilet. Sleeping facility such as mattress, pillow and blanket will be provided. Night will be spent in candle light and wood fire. Limited amount of hot water will be supplied for face wash in every morning.

What will be the temperature like?

Our season is between November and May, which is winter and best tourist season in Myanmar. Mostly clear skies, warm during the day and cool evenings. Temperature steadily decreases between late December and early February. Average temperature would be between low 10/15 and high 25/30 degree Celsius.

How long is an average trekking in a day?

All our treks are designed at 5 to 7 walking hours per day, except for some of the activities that designed for non-trekkers. Day normally starts at 8 or 9 in the morning follow by breakfast. We try to reach our destination well in time to relax and engage activities like social, cultural interaction.

What will I see on the trek?

Most of our program focuses on cultural and ethnic value thus your trail going across tribal activities, which allow you social interactions with local tribe. Experience the authenticity of life style of colorful Chin tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their face and attractive amber necklaces. Beside this there will be plenty of bird life, butterflies and other exotic flora to view and experience.

How fit do I have to be?

This program is graded as “Moderate” thus anyone who leads a moderately healthy lifestyle back home and is reasonably fit will be able to join in.

What about meal?

A hot breakfast usually is served around 7- 8 am, lunch usually is simple, light and serve during mid-day. Dinner will be more extensive featuring pre-dinner snacks and deserts.

What about guides?

We provide English language guide and depending on the group size an assistance local guide. Upon advance request we will be able to arrange other language leader at additional cost.

What about First aid?

All our guides are qualified in wilderness first aid, and carry a basic medical first aid kit.

Is there any age or health limit to participate?

This program is suitable to anyone with normal health and fitness condition. However older clients or clients with pre-existing medical conditions may require a doctor’s letter confirming their fitness for the trip. During your visit you are under the direction of your trip leader and he/she has total authority to determine your suitability to participate.

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