General Information

Choice of accommodation in Kanpetlet

Kanpetlet has a number of quality lodges plus some locally run guest houses. Hotels and lodges come with standard facility such as private bath with hot and cold shower.

Choice of accommodation in Mindat

Mindat has a limited number of quality lodges plus some locally run guest houses. Hotels and lodges come with standard facility such as private bath with hot and cold shower.

Overnight facility in the villages

With a local home stay we choose a suitable home in a village. Night will then be spent in candle light and wood fire. Toilets will be clean but mostly local squat type. Limited amount of hot water will be supplied for face wash in every morning. When pitching a tent, two clients will share a tent, unless they have requested and paid for a single supplement.


Limited mobile network facility (CDMA / GSM) exists in Chin Hills which enables you to connect to the world from this wildness place. Being mountainous region, phone coverage spread pretty much all area except for the valleys and low lying area where you have limited or no coverage.


Electricity is available limited time only both in Kanpetlet and Mindat with the current 220 V / 50 Hz. Sockets varies with either two round/flat pins or three round/flat pin. If you are traveling with any electrical appliances, an international converter kit and a set of adapter plugs will be essential. Battery based emergency reading lights are provided in rooms for your convenience during the night.


Transportation between Bagan and Mindat/Kanpetlet is not an issue. Most commonly used type of vehicle will be sedan, minivan, microvan and minibus. For the mountain expedition often used 4×4 wagons. Vehicles are quite old and they are common to be breakdown often along the way.

Domestic flight

All major domestic airlines serve Bagan as major destination thus no issue with connecting to Bagan from anywhere in country.


Chin Hills tourist season is between Nov – May, during when mostly clear skies, warm during the day and cool mornings and evenings. Temperature steadily decreases between late Dec and early Feb. Average temperature would be between low 4/10 and high 22/30 degree Celsius but could drop steadily up to freezing in the higher elevation.

Unforeseen Circumstance

Owing to mountainous region, land slide along the way may occur often, which will affect your itinerary. Therefore Clients should make proper allowances when booking their onward journey.

Local Supplies

Both Kanpetlet and Mindat have local market, where you can buy food and other clothing material and cheap boots imported from China. It’s suggested that clients should bring all personal gear from home.

Personal Care

The same precautions as anywhere else. Drink bottled, boiled or treated water, avoid eating raw vegetables, and eat fruits that you can peel or cut yourself. It’s important to use insect repellent to keep mosquitoes away. Use sunscreen literally when exposed to the intense, tropical sun.

Health Care

International standard facilities are limited in the up country and none exists in the Chin Hills.

Health and Safety

Make sure you have proper clothing for all weather conditions.
Have insurance in place so that the expenses for emergency evacuation or other emergency situations are covered, if needed.
Bring water purifying tablets, carbon filters or alike. Hand sanitizer or disinfection gel will get you far.
Bring a personal first aid kit, although your leader is qualified in wilderness first aid, and carry a basic kit.
Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and perhaps even a sun hat. Bring a torch since there is no electricity once you leave the town.
You will regularly have to pass by Mithun (domesticated wild Ox) while trekking. Do not encounter with them as they are unpredictable. Also dogs in the Chin Hills are pretty but we advise not to touch them for safety reason.


Tipping is common to trip leaders, local guides, cooks and other team members on the tours. For the hotel staff mostly you will find a tipping box installed in the lobby.

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