Lon Yu Celebration

Also known as Khaung is more of a celebration to show off one’s wealth and status symbol. Hosted individually and to pray for better health, wealth and crops for the village and so on. In order to host this celebration, the hostess has to make preparations and collect resources such as Mithun (ox), pig, chicken, rice, millet grain, earthen pot to store Kaung (Chin traditional wine)many years in advance.

(Mithun (Bos Frontalis) are distinctive cattle with pale socks and triangular shaped sharp horns and are venerated as sacred by the Chin people and are an important part of their culture, rituals and traditional life). If the celebration is a complete one then it call “Sek Be” and at the beginning, a memorial stone pile has to be made with a stone slab lifted by stone pillars just like a dining table and place it at the village entrance or at some hill to be able to see it clearly.

On the third day of the celebration, Mithuns are to be killed by bow and arrow, cut off their heads to be hung on the sacrificial poles. Today is the special day that the host is choosing the dancers to entertain the crowd. The dancer then start show off their skill of martial arts by mean of dance while boasting by himself of how many times that he has done this kind of celebration before. Also challenging the crowd to view the Oxen skulls that he has hangs in his house and the stone slab that he has erected at the edge of the village etc. The host then offers them with best “reserved” Khaung in horn cup along with meat. Then everyone from the crown who has done this kind of celebration take part in the dance.

Forth day is being last day, most exciting day yet dangerous since the dancers are engaging with real sword-play with contact with body to body which often dancers sustain minor cuts and bruises. Sword-play dance contains a sword wielder and shield wielder and usually accompanied by a traditional band. It is an exciting experience.

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