The Himalaya

Myanmar’s Kachin State in the Eastern Himalayas remains one of the least visited wilderness areas on earth, offering unique opportunities for true frontier exploration. Myanmar Hill Lodges offers exclusive trekking programs into this tribal land of dense forests and snow-capped mountains, which to this day remain completely, cut off from the modern world.

With little in the way of roads or development the Northern Myanmar ecosystem remains incredibly intact and is internationally recognized as a hotspot of biodiversity. Climax old growth forest is common, supporting a huge range of animal and bird life while in the high alpine meadows many of Asia’s rarest flowers thrive. This is a place of pristine beauty, exotic cultures and some of the most radical topography on earth. Traveling in Kachin State is simple delights and opportunities that can no longer be found elsewhere, providing timeless and unpretentious experiences.

From our base at Putao Trekking House in Putao, we provide a whole range of adventure activities from day excursions to weeks long hardcore expeditions. With the highest attention to operational safety, equipment and service, visitors can rest assured that they are in the best of hands. Your holiday with us will be about adventure, excitement, and a journey through the natural beauty and cultural diversity of some of the planet’s last remote areas.

We are adventure seekers and have bonded together with the common goal of marrying our passion for adventure and activity travel with our expertise to provide the most exotic holiday. We hope that once you have visited, you will also share our vision and our passion.

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