The Chin

Chin state is home for many different ethnic groups such as Asho, Cho, Khumi, Laimi, Mizo and Zomi with dozens of sub-groups such as Laytoo, Pwine, Makan, Yaung, Dai, Ya, Yindu and Ophu etc who possess their own specific tattoo designs. The groups are historically related but speak divergent languages and dialects and have different cultural identities Chin tribe women wearing various pattern of tattoo on their face and attractive amber necklaces. One of their rites, of which little is known or understood, celebrates the successful hunt of a mithan. This wild ox was hunted for meat and when killed, the hunter got to raise a totem known as a Lipon in recognition of his prowess, bravery and successfulness. Burial pots placing under large stone plaque are common in this area. The Chin are also noted for their very fine textiles and jewelry that is usually incorporates silver with beads. Decorated Lipons can be found in many Chin villages and are much like the forked posts found among many tribal groups around the world. As mithans have become rarer, Chin raise them domestically and the Lipons are now raised more as a symbol of wealth.

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