About Southern Chin State

Southern Chin state is mountainous state and due to its remoteness and hard accessibility it has maintained its nature quite intact. The mountainous hills are covered with evergreen forests and hill savanna. There are many natural watercourses flowing from the mountains forming number of valleys and gorges. The highest Mountain in Chin State is Mt. Victoria, located within Nat Ma Taung National Park (locally known as Khaw Nu M’Cung), which is ASEAN heritage park. The tallest waterfall in Chin State is Bungtla Waterfall near Matupi. The main hubs for hiking and trekking for surrounding areas are the town of Kanpetlet and Mindat. Southern Chin State remains a major tourist attraction due to its rich natural beauty and cultural diversity.

There are several option to explore Chin State, from a short trip ex-Bagan just for a couple of days to a multiday hard-core treks venture deep in to the tribal communities. Mt. Victoria still plays a major role in terms of key attraction in the region owing to rich biodiversity and birds which some are endemic the area of Mt. Victoria but nowhere else to be found. Most of the travelers prefer Southern Chin State simply for tribal groups who still practice unique cultural practice and facial tattoos. Southern Chin State is more traditional compared to the North although most Chins have converted to Christianity over century ago. Animistic traditions are still practiced in many villages in Southern Chin State

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