Our Responsibility and Policy

Our Environmental responsibility

We are committed to sustainability in the area that we operate as we strongly believe benefit the local community towards promoting eco-friendly tourism in the region. Our aim is to maintain nature, culture and environment stay intact for generations to come by keeping with our approach towards sustainable tourism in this fragile area. We employ as much of our staff as possible from the local community and provide them various training and work opportunity as part of our policy to benefit local community from tourism in the region.

Working with our Community

Other sector that we involve building clean toilets at local homes that we stay overnight when travel. There are several villages that we often use overnight in our trekking and village walking programs. Beside this we involve establishing community accommodation and human recourse training in some selected villages which enable community to involve and share tourism activities in the community area.

Our Social and Cultural Responsibility

A contribution from every client is made towards the upkeep of existing community activities which involve various sectors including local lifestyle, product and cultural maintenance. We are concern about conservation of the cultures and environments where we visit. We operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. We aim to apply the principles of responsible travel – minimize environmental impact, maximize cultural interaction and ensure an economic benefit to the community.

Our Economic Responsibility

We are committed to work closer with community in order to maximize benefit to local. Most of the staff you encounter are from the communities around us. We ensure outsources services needed for the resort with a locals-first approach, as we work with local supplier either with consumable or service.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide a unique insight and experience that will exceed the expectation of our guests so that they will leave us with lasting memories.



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