The Chin Hills

With our Chin Hill expedition clients will have the opportunity to scale the summit of Mt. Victoria, enjoy the amazing views over the valley and surrounding mountains and experience the authenticity of life style of colorful Chin tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their face and attractive amber necklaces.

From our base at Kanpetlet, we offer a range of experiential opportunities from a couple of days to a multiday hard-core treks venture deep in to the tribal communities. Be it misty hills, mountain forests, friendly villages, unique Chin culture or intriguing facial tattoos of the Chin ladies.  Nat Ma Taung National Park possesses many species birds and plants. This unique park offers the opportunity to see rare birds, which are preserved and found only in Myanmar, both native and migratory birds, rare species of orchids, and many species of plants and butterflies. Once you step off the road to start the trek, you are in true wilderness as you encounter beautiful scenery with colorful Rhododendron flowers and other wild flowers like orchid and birds.

Trekking in the northern chin state can be a good combination of cultural and natural. Though there are no protected areas in the north like the south but still possess unique nature site like Mt. Kennedy, 2703 meter, highest peak, covering Rhododendron and orchids provides fantastic view of entire plain from top. Bontala fall in Matupi is worth a visit to a nature lover. Combination of lovely hike through shady jungle that occasionally opens so you can enjoy views of the valley stretched out below give a fantastic nature outing for a day.  Major trekking goes towards historical Chin settlement around Tedim and the trail designed to cover unique and historical villages but often comes up in the small town for a fresh up and recoup. The uniqueness of Northern Chin Hills include unusual memorable stone slabs and the tropical cancer passes.

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