Southern Chin Hills

Southern Chin Hills

Southern Chin Hills remains a major tourist attraction due to its rich natural beauty and cultural diversity. It offers a range of experiential opportunities for the adventurous traveler, be it misty hills, mountain forests, friendly villages, unique Chin culture or intriguing facial tattoos of the Chin ladies. There are several option to explore Chin State, from a short trip ex-Bagan just for a couple of days to a multiday hard-core treks venture deep in to the tribal communities. The main hubs for hiking and trekking for surrounding areas are the town of Kanpetlet and Mindat. Mountainous and remoteness has helped maintained its nature. The mountainous hills are covered with evergreen forests and hill savanna. There are many natural watercourses flowing from the mountains forming number of valleys and gorges.

Nat Ma Taung National Park possesses many species birds and plants. This unique park offers the opportunity to see rare birds, which are preserved and found only in Myanmar, both native and migratory birds, rare species of orchids, and many species of plants and butterflies.

Mt. Victoria – Towering 3071 meter from sea, located within Nat Ma Taung National Park. Base of it can be reached by road both from Kanpetlet and Mindat but the last 3km is done on foot. The journey to the summit is more impressive than the broad summit itself. Once you step off the road to start the trek, you are in true wilderness as you encounter beautiful scenery with colorful Rhododendron flowers and other wild flowers like orchid and birds.Most of the travelers prefer Southern Chin State simply for tribal groups who still practice unique cultural practice and facial tattoos. Chin state is home for many different ethnic groups who possess their own specific tattoo designs.

The groups are historically related but speak divergent languages and dialects and have different cultural identities. Chin tribe women wearing various pattern of tattoo on their face and attractive amber necklaces. One of their rites, of which little is known or understood, celebrates the successful hunt of a Mithan (wild ox). This wild ox was hunted for meat and when killed, the hunter got to raise a totem known as a Lipon in recognition of his prowess, bravery and successfulness. Burial pots placing under large stone plaque are common in this area. The Chin are also noted for their very fine textiles and jewelry that is usually incorporates silver with beads. Decorated Lipons can be found in many Chin villages and are much like the forked posts found among many tribal groups around the world.

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