Sin Taung Community Home

About Sin Taung

Name after a mountain similar to elephant is located at 4425 feet above sea, on the rail road between Thazi and Shwe Nyaung (Inle). From Kalaw, (a major trekking hub in the Shan Hills), Sin Taung can be reached by train and exciting journey goes through narrow valley and high reef with 4608 feet so- called summit. Inhabited by Danu, Taung Yoe and Nepalese community whose main sources of income by agriculture. Product like ginger and turmeric are famous from Sin Taung. The 100 years old Nepalese temple, old railway station and hilltop Pagoda are of interest to visitor.

About Community Based Tourism in Sin Taung

Community Based Tourism, organised and managed by a community, so that the income from tourism is spread among the community members. CBT can be an important alternative livelihoods for rural areas while allowing the preservation of local culture and the environment.

About Community House

Sin Taung community house is being funded jointly by Myanmar Hill Lodges and UK Department for International Developmentā€™s Business Innovation Facility, through winning program of Product and Package Innovation Competition (PPIC). Community house, consists of a main house (large enough to accommodate total 16 guests at a time), a kitchen, and dining hall. There are two toilets, two bath rooms and a common wash room. There is no electricity but lighting is being provided using solar panel. Hot water is being provided upon request.

About Service

This is a combination of a community experience along with an exciting train ride along old British track, a nature walk through primary forests that harbour numerous species of indigenous birds and wild orchid. At the community home, clients are offered with various local meals and other activities such as cultural
show from different communities belong to the village.

About Staff

Community Home is managed by community and run by mainly 4 staff, one of each cook, housekeeping, food and beverage and security member whom have received basic training on their relevant sectors. Product provides jobs opportunity for local women and young people. All ingredients are locally sourced and produced by farmers locally.

About Activities in and around Sin Taung

Sin Taung, locate at the valley yet possess a scenic surrounding with beautiful mountains. Clients can walk around the village, visit 100 years old temple and Buddhist monastery parched on top of the hill which provide a scenic view of the mountains surrounding. Clients also visit farm where villagers grow ginger and turmeric, which are famous product from Sin Taung. For clients who wish extended stay, there are some less visited sites include a natural lake and wild forests which are worth taking an extension from Sin Taung. Beside this visitor can also link with their trek to all major trekking destinations around Kalaw.

Community Trustee Committee

The trustee committee is being formed representing the various communities that live in Sin Taung and responsible of the committee is to ensure fund are collect properly and kept safely. Once the committee receive a substantial fund then to decide where and how to utilize it based on the majority decision.

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