Green Valley Elephant Camp

There is also a spectacular elephant camp 40 minutes’ drive away from Kalaw. This elephant reservoir was founded in 2011 to protect the local environment and ageing working elephants of the area. The camp is a good example of well managed ecotourism which is highly recommended. One can also do a one night trek to the camp with overnight stay in a local Village. Founded by a family with a history of working with elephants, the focus is primarily on providing care for elephants that are no longer fit to work. Another reason for starting the GHV camp was the desire to educate and share information with both local residents and foreign visitors.

Program (day return)

GHV offers two different programs on a day trip to elephant’s home with a visit to elephant village and see the life of mahouts with their families, introduce the elephants and feed them, Join them with bath and washing them like your owned pet. Beside this visitor to the camp also have the opportunity to join in with tree planting for their forest recovery efforts. Lunch will be served at the main camp and before end the program one can visit their recycle paper project from elephant poo, and further learning elephant study with Skeleton.

For more information and booking this program please do contact us via our email [email protected]

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