About Kalaw


Before World War II Kalaw belonged under the rule of the Sawbwas, but as the British took over Myanmar, Kalaw served as a sub-division head office to the army while Aung Ban served as the District office. Located in Shan Highland, parched at an elevation of 1320 meter above sea level, Kalaw is spread around 582sq miles. Initially founded by the Palaung tribe, where they used to call it “Kalaung” in their native tongue. This old hill station on the rim of the Shan Plateau, located the Pine-land, remains a favorite place for holidays. The main attractions of Kalaw are the town itself with its mock-tutor colonial bungalows, its ethnic mix of people. People from the villages come to the Kalaw market held every five days, in their colorful costumes adding to the sentient. Popular starting point for treks from simple day return to multiday that goes across the region such as to Pindaya, Inle Lake, Taunggyi and Ywar Ngan etc.

Mountains near Kalaw

Another uniqueness of Kalaw is the geographical feature of surrounding mountains. There are high mountain everywhere around Kalaw such as Tegaung mountain 2660 ft in the east, 5687 ft high Myinmahti mountain in the west, Manawhla mountain 5314 ft in the north and Minelong mountain 5030 ft in the south are inviting visitor to explore them.

Reservoir (Ye Aye Kan)

Ye Aye Kan, meaning cool water reservoir was originally built by British during 1920 by the time Kalaw was built. The water shed area of the reservoir is 36.5 Acre with storage capacity 185 million gallon of water. Ever since Kalaw town has been depending on its source of clean water and the reservoir unique location enables gravity flow of the water to the town without using any power to supply water.

Sin Taung

Name after a mountain similar to elephant is located at 4425 feet above sea, on the rail road between Thazi and Shwe Nyaung (Inle). Sin Taung can be reached by train and exciting journey goes through narrow valley and high reef with 4608 feet so called summit. Inhabited by Danu, Taung Yoe and Nepalese community whose main sources of income by agriculture. Product like ginger and turmeric are famous from Sin Taung. The 100 years old Nepalese temple, old railway station and hilltop Pagoda are of interest to visitor.

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