Shan Mountains

Scaling Shan Mountains

The Shan Highland is a vast mountainous zone that extends through Yunnan to Burma and Thailand. The whole region is made up of numerous mountain ranges separated mostly by narrow valleys as well as a few broader intermountain basins. The ranges in the area are aligned in such a way that they link to the foothills of the Himalayas further to the northwest. Just behind Mandalay rise the first majestic foothills of the Shan Plateau, which can reach a height of over 2,000 meters. This mountainous landscape is very beautiful, and the mild climate made the region very popular. During the day it is pleasantly warm, but at night the temperatures can drop dramatically due to the altitude. The hills with their narrow valleys are a trekkers’ delight, who get to see the alignment of the mountain ranges to the Himalayan foothills in the North West.

Shan State – Borders China to the north, Laos to the east, and Thailand to the south, and five administrative divisions of mainland in the west. Most of the Shan State is a hilly plateau, which together with the higher mountains in the north and south forms the Shan Hills system.

The most prominent mountains to scale in Southern Shan State are:-

Mt. Ashe-myin-anauk-myin (between Pindaya and Ywar Ngan)

Around 7000 feet elevation, probably one of the most challenging yet most beautiful mountain to scale. From its base Pan Sit village, trail goes right up hill all the way to the summit witnessing vast pasture and beyond Rhododendron and wild orchid hanging on the tree.
Alternate route up: north shwe-pahto monastry through palaung village.
Elevation – 2123 m
Prominence – Height Rank – #9 in Shan – #174 in Myanmar

Sintaung (Kalaw)

One of the most appealing hills to scale!
Located near Kalaw, non-technical and can be done on day return from Kalaw.

Myinmahti Taung (Kalaw)

Perhaps easy enough which everyone with just normal health condition would be able to scale it.
Located near Myinmahti cave, Kalaw region. Non-technical and can be done on day return from Kalaw.

Yasakyi Taung (Pindaya)

One of the more challenging mountains!
Located near Yasakyi (Pindaya). Non-technical but can be a challenge if you are not trekker and practise an active lifestyle at home.

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