Trekking House Free and Easy

Trekking House Free and Easy


A small frontier town, far north in Kachin State sharing border with China, Tibet and India. Situate 457 meter above sea, lies in a flat valley, a jumping-off point for trekkers who want to explore the region’s deep forests, wildlife sanctuaries and snow-capped mountains. Putao town and fort was built during 1914-15 by Commissioner Mr. Hertz along with Fort which later known as Fort Hertz. Later a Missionary was travel from the south via Yunnan by ABM, leaded by Rev J.R Morse and leader of Assembly of God Rev J.C Morrison basing the Rawan and Lisu tribe as initial. Grapefruit, Washington Naval, Vlincha Orange, Ruby Oranges, King Orange and King Mandarin plus Maerica Lime were introduced by Father Robert Moss at that time.


Located within 10 minute drive from Putao airport, in a shady park within walk able distance to major attractions such as market, environmental education center and local villages.


Bungalows are built identical to local homes in the region using locally available materials. All rooms come with attached bathroom, hot and cold shower. Rooms are secure, lockable with windows offering scenic view. An elegant lobby includes bar area, fire place, dinning area and common area offers recreation and relaxation.


Trekking house package emphasis on cultural and environmental sensitivity, exceptional guides and hosts, modest but comfortable accommodations and the flexibility to match varied activities to suite your interests such as hiking, biking, photography and birding etc.

Surrounding Environment

  • Attractive natural areas can be explored at leisure
  • Photogenic environment
  • Guests can walk safely within in the valley without guides
  • Easy to bicycle, walk, jog etc
  • Lots of interesting things to do locally which do not require motor vehicle transportation
  • Perfect ground for meditation / yoga
  • Crime is not a concern

Local Culture and Community

  • Hosting facilities support local community who welcomes foreign visitors
  • Local volunteer projects available
  • Opportunities to participate in local crafts or arts
  • Local music can be sampled
  • Local food is safe to eat

Booking Condition

How to Book:

Complete the booking form click “submit” button to make your reservation. Alternately you may book through email [email protected]


Full payment must be made one week before check in. Bookings made within one week need to be settled in full at the time of booking.

Cancellations and refunds:

All cancellations must be advised in writing and are accepted from the date the written confirmation is received and applied cancellation as below.
7 days and less before the trip date: 50% of the total cost per person
If reservations are cancelled (or) no-show: no refunds will be made


We will try to accommodate your request within possible limit. Please note we may not be able to accommodate your request during “high occupation period”. In such case we will not be responsible for any lost or additional costs incur to you. Should trip be cancel after deposit cancellation fee applies.


Due to weather in mountainous region, irregularities of domestic flight schedule may affect your onward journey. We cannot be responsible for any charges you might incur as a result of these cancellations once you are in Putao.



No specific requirement. However we recommend your clothing will be lightweight and provide insulation even when wet. Lightweight windbreaker, sweater or fleece sweat shirt are ideal for the evenings. A raincoat is ideal as they will keep you warm and dry in a variety of situations.

Foot ware:

Lightweight hiking boots or good quality running shoes will be ideal for the lowland walk. It is essential your walking boots be comfortable and broken-in.

Protection from weather:

A pair of sun glass and hat is essential for your protection from sun. You will also need some sun screen to protect against sunburn.

Protection against insect bite:

Most part in the valley are free from biting insects, but we do encounter them in the low land such as sand flies around the river banks and leaches in the lowland bushes. It’s important to use insect repellent to keep the insects away.


What are the overnight facilities in Putao Trekking House?

Bungalows are build identical to local homes in the region using locally available materials. All rooms come with attached bathroom, hot and cold shower. An elegant lobby includes bar area, fire place, dinning area and common area offers recreation and relaxation.

What will be the temperature like?

Putao tourist season between October and May, which is winter. Mostly clear skies, warm during the day and cool evenings. Temperature steadily decreases between late December and early February. Average temperature would be between low 4/10 and high 22/30 degree Celsius in the valley.

What about meal?

Daily breakfast is included in the accommodation. Other meal can be arranged through hotel F&B department.

What about guides?

Local guide (both in English and Myanmar) can be hired through hotel reception.

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