Putao Climate

Climatically ranges from subtropical to temperate and alpine. There are three main seasons:

November/February – winter and best tourist season, usually clear skies, warm during the day, cool evenings. Temperatures steadily decrease during these months. Average temperature would be between low 3/10 degree and high 20/30 degree Celsius. During late Dec till February temperature could drop steadily and up to below freezing in the snow line causing heavy fall on the snow which make the trek rather challenging one.

March/May – summer season – Usually clear mornings, afternoon hazy skies, warm during the day but comfortably cool in the mornings and evenings. Temperatures steadily increase during these months. Average temperature would be between low 10/15 degree and high 20/35 degree Celsius. Some rain shower can be expected during these months.

June/October – rainy season – Still fascinating for those interested in the flora and fauna of the region and best season to scale Mt. Hkakaborazi which unless otherwise not possible to scale during winter due to heavy snow fall on the mountains. Average temperature during this period would be between low 18/20 degree and high 28/30 degree Celsius with high humidity.

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